2024 Secondary School
Model UNESCO International Conference
Artificial Intelligence and Education

What is Model UNESCO?

Model UNESCO is an educational event in which participants play the role of representatives of UNESCO Member States, simulating meetings that take place within the organization.

Students participating in this simulation are introduced to the work and purposes of UNESCO. They gain insight into international issues and how international politics works. The aim is to seek through negotiation, discussion, and debate solutions to various world problems, such as human rights, economic development, environmental protection, and disarmament, as well as more important issues such as war and peace.

2024 Model UNESCO International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education

In 2021, UNESCO released the report “Reimagining Our Futures Together: Creating a New Social Contract for Education”, which mentioned that technological progress is one of the four disruptive changes that our education system needs to deal with.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to address some of the biggest challenges in education today, innovate teaching and learning practices, and ultimately accelerate progress towards SDG 4. However, these rapid technological developments inevitably bring multiple risks and challenges. (AI and Education Guidance for policy-makers, UNESCO, 2021)

Corresponding to the latest reports and frameworks published by UNESCO, the 2024 Model UNESCO International Conference will be hosted on the topic of “Artificial Intelligence and Education”.

The Conference aims to:

  • to draw the attention of youth to the technical, social, ethical challenges and issues that arise from the use of AI in Education;
  • to empower youth to propose innovative projects and solutions that unleash the power of AI in Education;
  • to provide a platform for international youth exchange;
  • to promote the development of youth leadership through discussions and debates;
  • to provide an opportunity for the youth to realize their potential, increase their civic engagement and develop leadership and team skills;
  • to develop the ability of the younger generation to analyze, shape and express their point of view;
  • to develop students’ skills for sustainable development .

Past Conferences


Winning the Best Delegation at the First International Model of UNESCO

The world’s first International Model of UNESCO was held online from April 29 to 30, 2022. The delegation of Hong Kong SAR – Americana Chen and Reese Wong who are both UNESCO Hong Kong Association Green Citizen Youth Ambassadors received three awards including the Best Delegation, showcasing Hong Kong’s solutions for promoting inclusive, equitable and quality education through Education for Sustainable Development on international platforms.


2023 HK Secondary School Model UNESCO Conference on Climate Sustainability

2023 HK - GBA Secondary School Model UNESCO Conference on World Heritage