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UHKA Green Citizen
Youth Ambassador

The Project aims to promote an in-depth understanding of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals among Youth in Hong Kong and engage them in international conversations related to the SDGs.

You will be offered opportunities to participate in activities, workshops and volunteer opportunities offered by UNESCO HKA and to receive our support to make positive impact and pursue your passion on sustainable development and the SDGs.

UHKA Green Citizen
Youth Ambassadors

Americana Chen

Youth Affiars Coordinator, UNESCO Hong Kong Association

UNSDGs Certified Teacher, Hong kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development

Americana is an aspirising youth dedicated to promote Education for Sustainable Development. she has taught various courses for secondary school students, including the “UNSDGs Youth Tutor Training Programme”, “Green Talent Training Programme”, “Model UNESCO Climate Leadership Bootcamp”, focusing on topics related to ESG, Sustainable Development Planning, Climate Change, Net Zero and Model UNESCO. She has published her own book – “Hi17 SDGs: Sustainable Development in the Dynamic World” and was the assistant editor for the bilingual publication on climate change education – “Climate Literacy and Low Carbon Lifestyle”.

Charles Lam

Certified Sustainable Development Planner of the World Institute of Sustainable Development Planners
Youth Delegate, Ambassador – Regional Focal Point, Mentor & Life Member of UNITE 2030

Charles is a chartered building engineer, environmentalist and climatologist. He is the sustainability officer at a listed conglomerate who actively motivates the ESG planning and development progress of the Greater Bay Area and promotes Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) locally and globally. He has his expertise in ESG, surveying and a green and healthy building with international qualifications as a WELL AP, LEED GA, BEAM Affiliate, BREEAM AP, and CEEQUAL Assessor to provide sustainable construction and real estate assessment consultancy. He is a member of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management; the Chartered Association of Building Engineers; the associate member of the Hong Kong Institute of Qualified Environmental Professionals and Energy Institute

Reese Wong

Founder of ISSIA HK

 Reese Wong is a young changemaker and Founder of ISSIA HK (, a youth-led nonprofit that cultivates global citizenship and builds capacity to empower future changemakers through peer-to-peer and project-based learning. As a speaker, he has spoken at 30+ engagements, including the World Humanitarian Forum (WHF London 2021) and the Asia Pacific International Schools Conference (AISC 2021). As a passionate advocate for youth empowerment and community involvement, he was awarded the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award 2019-2020 and was a Youth Delegate at UNITE 2030 and YOUNGA 2021.

Maddalena Spadone

Student at the University of Manchester, Bachelor of Science (Hons) International Education
HiESD『UNSDGs』Youth Tutor

Maddalena had been a contributor and an active advocate for SDG 4 Quality Education as a certified SDG Youth tutor. With previous experiences of participating in and hosting MUN conferences, she has a solid foundation of passion and dedication toward the SDGs. To achieve quality education, she has also immersed herself in mentoring multiple financially disadvantaged schools in locales of Manchester to aid the perpetuated inequality of education, working through a local education charity group. Moreover, this opportunity also allowed her to conduct further research on gender inequalities concerning early years self-regulatory behaviors and academic attainment.

Co-National Outreach Coordinator and National Astronomy Education Coordinator (Chair of Hong Kong) of International Astronomical Union

HiESD 「UNSDGs」 certifed teacher

Exodus is a transmedia astronomer, astro-musician and educator, who actively promotes dark-sky protection and popular science through international cooperation. He is also a polymath with interdisciplinary contributions to astronomy, including sustainability, dark-sky protection, space exploration, social innovation, astropreneurship, and STEAM education (integrating science and art).

Michelle Lee

Student, the University of Hong Kong, Double major in nutrition & public health and marketing

Michelle is aspired to promote SDG goal #3 good health and wellness in society through different community projects. With advocacy in health education, society usually emphasizes the nutrition needs of children and adolescents. Michelle chose a more specialized field and helped launching the diet designs for the elderly who might have special feeding and nutritional needs.

She is currently working along with some academic research projects in promoting awareness of non-communicable diseases and mindfulness.

Kelly Leung

Student, the Education University Of Hong Kong, Psychology

As a psychology student, Kelly aspires to help build a sustainable future by improving people’s mental wellbeing and reducing the stigma of mental illness. She believes that a good mental health determines all other areas of a society, including productivity, social inclusion, governance and business development. She is currently working at the Institute of International Sustainable Development on 2 projects about local and overseas sustainability opportunities

Christy Wong

Student, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Environmental Management and Technology

Striving to achieve a zero-carbon target in Hong Kong as well as from around the globe, Christy is eager to promote climate change awareness to youth in Hong Kong, as to involve their voices as part of the solution to climate change, and also to the climate policy. Christy realized the lack of awareness and education in Hong Kong regarding climate change or actions, hence creating this online campaign in hopes of raising public awareness and encouraging behavioural change for climate actions through education.

Serena Chan

Graduate of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majored in Cultural Management and minored in Fine Arts

Serena is passionate about creating dynamic and resilient communities (SDG Goal #3) through effective placemaking intiatives. To her, sustainable development is a lifestyle, a concept, and a framework that allows us to build a better society for the next generation.

She was a Sustainable Development Trainee at Swire Properties and was involved in 10+ sustainability-related projects.

Erica Cho

Product design assistant in Syzygy

Erica was a summer intern at The Institute of International Sustainable Development Limited Being an active and participatory outdoor sport enthusiasts, there are a deep and abiding connections between Erica and the mother nature. She believes nature is the foundation of all kinds of development and need to be protect without any delay.

Megan Hsu

Student, Leader of CIS Drop In The Ocean (DITO)

Megan is a passionate advocate for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As the student delegate at the UN Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2021, Megan has exposure to global level conferencing and recognized the importance of diplomacy in integrating climate action into global pandemic recovery. Notably, Megan serves as the leader of CIS’ sustainability group, Drop In The Ocean (DITO), where she conducted a detailed sustainability audit by quantifying her campus’ carbon emissions and proposing holistic data-driven recommendations.

Zenith Yao

Student, CUHK and Tsinghua University, Economics, Founder of ESDG Youth blog

Zenith is an article writer, who actively promotes youth awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by combining Micro and Macroeconomics concepts, as well as business theories. In order to continue exploring the topic of sustainability, he has established his own blogging site named ESDG Youth, which provides a youth perspective on current and future trends.

Benson Leung

Student, The University of Warwick, Global Sustainable Development

Benson is most passionate about SDG goal 13 – Climate Action, to reach carbon neutrality targets, many governments have prioritised the use of renewable energy, which has caused the demand for lithium to spike. Benson has been taking his interest in lithium management into his studies and has written academic articles regarding the current trends and identified the need for proper regulations and governance.

Gordon Tung

student, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Ocean Science and Technology

Gordon is enthusiastic about ocean and everything about nature. Due to the worsening global warming and other situations, it is unqeustionable that immediate actions should be taken as soon as possible. He hopes to educate the public the importance of protecting the one and the only one Earth that we are living on.

Sidney Yue

「UNSDGs」Certified Teacher, Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development (HiESD)

Representing youth’s voices and volunteering in UNESCO Hong Kong’s local events and international events. Article Submission on SDG14 and 15 to “Youth Responsible Management and Development Education Academic Presentation Competition at the Education Forum Asia 2021 Annual Conference on Responsible Management and Youth Development Education”.

Zhu Zewen

Student, the Education University of Hong Kong, Master of Arts in Personal Financial Education

Inspiring by the 13th goal of SDG, ZHU try’s her best to study related knowledge to improve herself such as ESG. As the excellent student of International Training Camp for Young Talents in the Greater Bay Area, she concentrates on green finance and strive to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutral goals. She is committed to applying what she has learned to achieve sustainable financial development in the future.

Ernie Chan

Student, the Education University of Hong Kong, English language and English education

Through projects in the past and his peers, Ernie has gained an interest in clean energy and sustainable cities, SDGs #7 and #11 respectively. Understanding the future is in our next generation’s hands, actively promoting SDGs is a pivotal part of Ernie’s teaching philosophy, as a future educator, he aims to facilitate the widespread of SDGs to students and highlight the importance of taking action and gaining exposure from an early age.

Zhang Ke

Student, the Education University of Hong Kong

Ke graduate with a Master’s degree in the major specialization of Geography from the University of Hong Kong. He then went on to pursue for a Ph.D. research program at the Education University of Hong Kong under the Research Postgraduate Studentship(RPGSs). At present, Ke’s research interests are mainly focused on the sustainable tourism development, ecologically behavioral analysis, and environmental social-science- related social development issues.

Andy Wong

Coordinator of ESD Learning Program (UHKA)

Andy is currently working with the UNESCO Hong Kong Association in coordinating the ESD Learning Programme and Space-exposed Seed Nursery Programme for local primary and secondary school students, aiming to enrich and strengthen their knowledge towards local sustainable development through diversified workshops and researches.

Zoe Liao

Student, the Education University of Hong Kong, Major in Global and Environmental Studies, Minor in Urban Sustainability

Zoe is a contributing writer at Earth.Org, a global environmental think-tank based in Hong Kong with sustainability-related articles published. Her research interests centered around geography, spatial science, and climate change. She aspires to contribute more to the realization of SDGs in the future.

Rola Chan

Student, the Education University of Hong Kong, Chinese Language Education

Rola believes that sustainability refers to being environmentally friendly, taking advantage of technology and building a perfect smart city due to establishing a development mode with intergenerational equity. As a prospective teacher, Rola thinks not only should she try her best to ensure every student enjoys equal learning opportunities and facilitate their growth, but also influence our next generation to recognise how to build a sustainable future by fulfilling their moral responsibility. In the future, she is determined to dedicate her efforts as youths to steer Hong Kong towards a more progressive sustainable lifestyle.

Grace Hau

Certified Mindfulness Teacher

Grace has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arts London and a master’s degree in Psychology, combining psychology and holistic health into her teaching. As an experienced registered mindfulness teacher, she cultivates an understanding of compassion and non-judgment to facilitate emotional balance. She founded Ting, a researched-based approach to destress and flourish inner peace and beauty.

Terrence Chan

Student, New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, , majoring in Energy and Environmental Engineering;

Terence is enthusiastic about raising climate change awareness among Hong Kong youth and incorporating their ideas into climate change and climate technology. Terence saw a gap in understanding and education about climate change and related risks in Hong Kong, so he united STEM talents to enhance public awareness and encourage behavioural change for climate action through education.

Alisha Kwan

Student, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Ocean Science and Technology

Through studies, field trips, and volunteering works in the past, Alisha cares about SDG #14 life below water, and #15 life on land. She co-found Cloud Handcrafts Limited and promotes these messages with art and workshops. Alisha, also a future educator, will actively promote SDGs which is an important component of Alisha’s teaching philosophy. Experiencing is a way to disseminate SDGs to children and emphasizes the necessity of taking action and receiving exposure at any stage.

Rain Ng

Student, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Major in Ocean Science and Technology

As an Ocean Science student, Rain is eager to promote the awareness of SDG 14 about life under the water, especially coral reefs and jellyfish in Hong Kong. To her, sustainable development is a balance between the oceanic environment and human activities. She aspires to facilitate the spread of SDGs and apply what she has learnt in order to protect the environment in our “Home Kong”.

Laughing Zheng

Student, The Education University of Hong Kong, Major in Biology & Chemistry

Laughing is a motivated, hardworking and responsible student who willing to contribute his efforts in preserving our environment and promoting the importance of environmental education. Throughout the time he had in university, he has been working in different environmental conservation related NGOs such as OPCF, WWF-HK, TNC, etc. He believes with his passion and experience in environmental education, our new generation could develop into an environmental literature person

Mabel Chan

Co-founder of Carbon Linking

Originally from Hong Kong with living experience in Shanghai and London, Mabel is a passionate climate entrepreneur who co-founded Carbon Linking, a start-up working with the younger generations to create a bright green future together. Before her path on sustainability, she had graduated from UCL studying computer science and had years of marketing experience at Starcom MediaVest Group working for international brands. With the growth of our business, we want to influence and encourage more people to take green action. With each step we take, we allow our future generations also to enjoy this beautiful world we call home.

Nicholas Synn

Co-founder of Carbon Linking

Nicholas is the co-founder of Carbon Linking Limited, a start-up focusing on tackling issues arising from the climate emergency, supporting the younger generations to reduce their eco-anxiety and lower their carbon footprint. Nicholas had graduated from Imperial Collage London studying Biomedical research, after which he had then worked at HSBC on developing their mobile banking app. After more than a decade in the UK, Nicholas has decided to return to HK and contribute back to his home city, helping our future generations to attain a brighter and greener future.

Pagiel He

Student, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, MSSc in Government and Politics (Greater China)

Pagiel He is a young policy advocate who has coordinated and participated in the policy advocacy and lobbying actions of international organization, governmental advisory committee, quango, think tank, university, private institutions and other diverse platforms. He has promoted the transformation of different ideas in society into concrete policies that implemented by the government, including sustainable development and cultural industries development. He believes that the power of each individual is valuable, and that together we can make our world a better place.