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Join us as UHKA Green Citizens Youth Ambassador

The UNESCO Hong Kong Association (UHKA) Green Citizens Youth Ambassador (GCYA) project was launched in 2021, in response to the initiation of the “UNESCO Green Citizens” Project  globally.

With the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) as the core value, the project aims to empower aspiring youths in Hong Kong to become the leading force for sustainable development. We provide global, national, local platforms and opportunities for youths to gain experience, share their unique perspectives, expand their networks and influence the communities around them.

GCYA encourages cross disciplinary collaboration and conversation, we welcome youths from different fields of study, or different fields of work. Youths will be offered with exceptional opportunities to participate in workshops, activites hosted by UNESCO Hong Kong Association and its partners, to enhance their understanding of the UNSDGs. Youths will also receiving our full support to make positive impact and pursue their passion on sustainable development and the SDGs.

We offer the best opportunities...

Participate in UNESCO's international competitions and conferences

Deliver Keynote speech on global, national, local events and demonstrate youth power

Participate in discussions with business leaders and advocate for business sustainability

Field trip opportunities to enhance understanding of the UNSDGs

Host educational events and workshops for students and the public on United Nations International Days

Build network and exchange meaningful thoughts on sustainable development

work with aspiring youths to promote education for sustainable development

What are the application requirements?

  • Age Requirement: 18 – 30
  • Experiences in the field of Sustainable Development
  • Understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and their practical applications
  • Strong passion in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Language ability: fluency in English and Cantonese
  • Willing to collaborate and open to networking
  • Able to confidently take leadership roles
  • Demonstrate UNESCO’s 8 skills for sustainability, including: collaborative, normative, anticipatory, strategic, self-awareness, critical thinking, system thinking, and integrated problem-solving competencies
  • Completion or current studies of courses/degrees related to various aspects of sustainability would be desirable (but not required)

Application process

  1. Submit the application form :
  2. Applicants will be invited to a zoom interview (10-15 minutes)
  3. Result will be released through email
  4. New members will be contacted through WhatsApp to arrange participation in the 2023/24 term launch, certification ceremony & Induction training

2023/24 term application timeline:
  1. Application Opens for 2023/24 term: June 5th, 2023
  2. Application Deadline for 2023/24 term: July 20th, 2023
  3. Interview period: July 25th  – July 30th, 2023
  4. Result Announcement: August 2nd, 2023
  5. 2023/24 term launch, certification ceremony & Induction training: August 5th, 2023

commitment requirements

  1. Successful applicants will be presented with a certificate for UHKA Green Citizens Youth Ambassador (with a 1-year term for renewal)
  2. GCYA are required to initiate at least 1 project / activities / event with your selected team throughout the 1- year term 
  3. GCYA are required to participate in at least 3 project / activities / event events organised by other teams throughout the 1-year term
  4. Support UHKA’s event by helping with promotions and propagation of messages to the public (through social media etc.)
  5. Applicants’ engagement will be reviewed after the 1-year term to support their renewal of certificates

Meet our team

Americana Chen
Coordinator & Secretary of HR
Youth Affairs Coordinator, UNESCO HKA

Americana is an aspirising youth dedicated to promote Education for Sustainable Development. She has taught various courses for secondary school students, including the “UNSDGs Youth Tutor Training Programme”, “Green Talent Training Programme”, “Model UNESCO Climate Leadership Bootcamp”, focusing on topics related to ESG, Sustainable Development Planning, Climate Change, Net Zero and Model UNESCO. She has published her own book – “Hi17 SDGs: Sustainable Development in the Dynamic World” and was the assistant editor for the bilingual publication on climate change education – “Climate Literacy and Low Carbon Lifestyle”.

Pagiel He
Secretary of PR
Student, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, MSSc in Government and Politics (Greater China)

Pagiel He is a young policy advocate who has coordinated and participated in the policy advocacy and lobbying actions of international organization, governmental advisory committee, quango, think tank, university, private institutions and other diverse platforms. He has promoted the transformation of different ideas in society into concrete policies that implemented by the government, including sustainable development and cultural industries development. He believes that the power of each individual is valuable, and that together we can make our world a better place.

Michelle Lee
Secretary of PM
Academic research | UN Millennium Fellow 2022-23

Michelle is aspired to promote SDG goal #3 good health and wellness in society through different community projects. With advocacy in health education, society usually emphasizes the nutrition needs of children and adolescents. Michelle chose a more specialized field and helped launching the diet designs for the elderly who might have special feeding and nutritional needs.

Rola Chan
Head of ESD Working Group
Student, the Education University of Hong Kong, Chinese Language Education

As a prospective teacher, Rola thinks not only should she try her best to ensure every student enjoys equal learning opportunities and facilitate their growth, but also influence our next generation to recognise how to build a sustainable future by fulfilling their moral responsibility. In the future, she is determined to dedicate her efforts as youths to steer Hong Kong towards a more progressive sustainable lifestyle.

Alisha Kwan
Head of Event Working Group
Graduator, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Ocean Science and Technology Secondary school teacher

Alisha’s previous studies, field trips, and volunteer work have demonstrated her interest in Sustainable Development Goal No. 14 “life below water” and No. 15 “life on land.” She is a co-founder of Cloud Handcrafts Limited and disseminates these ideas through art and workshops. Alisha, who teaches in secondary institutions, advocates for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of her educational pedagogy. 

Mabel Chan
Head of Research & Development Working Group
Co-founder & CMO at Carbon Linking Limited

A dynamic climate entrepreneur,  Mabel is devoted to redefining carbon literacy delivery through social and play.She has actively participation in the Climate Emergency Programme at the University of Oxford and the Executive Diploma Programme in Sustainable Development Planning at HiESD. 

Charles Lam
Head of Industry Engagement Working Group
Certified Sustainable Development Planner of WISDP; Member of Environment and Conservation Fund Committee of HKSAR

Charles is a chartered building engineer, a certified ESG analyst, and a certified sustainable development planner. He is the sustainability officer at a listed conglomerate who actively motivates the ESG planning and development progress of the Greater Bay Area and promotes Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) locally and globally. He has his expertise in ESG planning, reporting, stakeholder engagement and green and healthy building assessments.

Ernie Chan
(ESD & Event)
Student, the Education University of Hong Kong, English language and English education
Maddalena Spadone
(R&D & Event)
Student at the University of Oxford, Masters of Science in Comparative and International Education
Nicholas Synn
(ESD & R&D)
Co-founder of Carbon Linking Limited
Laughing Zheng
(R&D & ESD)
Student, The Education University of Hong Kong, Major in Biology & Chemistry
Gordon Tung
(R&D & Industry Engagement)
Graduate, HKUST, Ocean Science and Technology
Christy Wong
Student, HKUST, Environmental Management and Technology
Benson Leung
(Industry Engagement & Event)
Student, The University of Warwick, Global Sustainable Development
Zhu Zewen
(Industry Engagement & R&D)
Business Operation Assistant
Megan Hsu
(ESD & Industry Engagement)
Student, University of California Los Angeles, Business Economics and Environmental Systems/Society
Rain Ng
(Event & R&D)
graduate, Ocean Science and Technology, HKUST
Zenith Yao
(Event & Industry Engagement)
Student, CUHK and Tsinghua University, Economics
Erica Cho
Project officer - Sport product company
Bryan Ko
(Event & R&D)
Graduate in Law, University of Exeter
Yumi Xiao
(ESD & R&D)
Student, the Education University of Hong Kong, Language Studies and English Education
Kevin Li
(ESD & Industry Engagement)
Founder of KEWE International Education Group Limited ;Co-Director of EDUHK MMA
Lilian Tsang
(R&D & Industry Engagement)
Sustainability Practitioner in landscape architecture and environmental management
Winnie Lo
(Event & ESD)
Educator, Student, the Education University of Hong Kong, Master of Education, Science & Environmental Study
Tommy Lam
(Industry Engagement & R&D)
Student, The Education University of Hong Kong, Major in AI and Education Technology
Tony Kung
(Industry Engagement & ESD)
Upcoming University Student Majoring in Computer Science
Janice Lee
(ESD & R&D) Graduator, Durham University, BSc Environmental Geoscience; upcoming HKUST Master of Environmental Science; Student, MSc in Environmental Science and Management at HKUST
Cherry So
(Event & Industry Engagement)
Student, Hong Kong Baptist University, Geography
Kayla Yeung
(Event & ESD)
Student, German Swiss International School; Founder of Enfinity
Shirley Hui
(Industry Engagement & Event) Graduate, HKBU, Government and International Studies
Tiffany Leung
(ESD & R&D)
Graduator, Hong Kong Metropolitan University (Creative Writing and Film Arts; Teacher

Team Structure