Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Experimental Schools in China

Under the guidance and rationales of China National Working Committee for UNESCO and the related spirit of sustainable development, Experimental Schools will continue to be implemented in all areas of China. Every year, UNESCO China will receive applications for ESD Experimental Schools from all regions in China. After local assessment and endorsement, certificates will be presented to successful schools by China National Working Committee for UNESCO on ESD.

Requirement for ESD Experimental Schools Qualification:

Member schools will be granted ESD experimental schools status if they have made an application and assessed to satisfy the following four conditions :

  1. The school principal should play a leading role in conducting experimental work for which there should be an appropriate organizational structure and a stable team of teachers;
  2. At the time of application, the school should have undertaken the above-mentioned experimental work in classroom, extra-curricular and outside-school activities with some degree of achievement for at least two years;
  3. The school should have formulated the ESD working plan for the next 1 to 3 years, including guidelines, objectives, main contents, organizational structure and anticipated results, etc,
  4. The school should be able to provide financial support for teacher training, granting awards for research results, acquiring physical resources, employing experts and making external visits.

Application Procedure:

  1. The application period will start in May;
  2. Application forms and written reports will be received until 30 July;
  3. Assessment and on-site school inspection will take place in late August and early September;
  4. The local assessment and endorsement results will be submitted to Beijing in September;
  5. Certificates will be presented by the China National Working Committee for UNESCO on ESD in October or November

Target: UNESCO Hong Kong Association Member Schools (Application form Appendix 2)

Fee: The assessment fee is HKD 3,500 (subject to annual adjustment) (Oversea transportation fee will be covered by school)

Assessment and Approval Procedure:

  1. Written Report
    Report format: A4 size paper (3 sets of copy and relevant attachment), please refer to the project assessment indicator.
    • Please mail to UNESCO Hong Kong Association on or before 30 July. All reports must be written in Chinese.
      Address: 3/F, UQ Place, 7 Austin Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
      Letter front indicate as: Application for Hong Kong ESD Schools Application and,
    • Email the Word Format to UNESCO Hong Kong Association:
  2. School Inspection (Reply Slip, Appendix 1)
    School inspection includes (1) Oral report (2) school field trips (3) dialogue with students and teachers. School site assessment must be completed within one and a half hour. Assessment will be held between 4 August and 22 August. Please fill in Appendix 1 and notify UNESCO Hong Kong for the assessment date on or before 30 July.
    • Submit review report every year
    • Bi-annual school assessment (assessment fee: HK$2,500)

Results classification: Excellent | Pass | Weak

The results of the review will be announced and the certificates of exemplary schools presented during the Beijing International Forum on Education for Sustainable Development and ESD National Workshop. At the same time, the results will be shown in both the China ESD website and UNESCO Hong Kong website

Application Method:

Please fill in the application form and self-evaluation report. Print the documents out (in triplicate copies) and mail to UNESCO Hong Kong Association Limited, as well as sending the documents to on or before 30 July.

The application fee, in the form of a cheque addressed to UNESCO Hong Kong Association Limited, should be mailed to our address (3/F, UQ Place, 7 Austin Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong)