International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017


Sustainable Tourism fulfills the needs of the tourists and that of their host countries, it protects and enhances future opportunities for development....


Sustainable Tourism maintains an equilibrium for the development of environmental, economic and cultural aspects of tourism. It also creates an awareness to protect nature's diverse species. Sustainable Tourism reduces the harm tourists can do to the environment and local culture, meanwhile conserving nature and heritage for future generations; It provides valuable financial resources, job opportunities and protects the local eco-system.


In 2016, United Nation's General Assembly has approved the adoption of 2017 as The International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. ( Resolution A/Res/70/193), so our newsletter will keep everyone informed in the coming e-newsletters.

This is a unique opportunity to raise awareness on the contribution of sustainable tourism to development among public and private sector decision-makers and the public, while mobilizing all stakeholders to work together in making tourism a catalyst for positive change.

In the context of the universal 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the International Year aims to support a change in policies, business practices and consumer behavior towards a more sustainable tourism sector than can contribute to the SDGs.

The #IY2017 will promote tourism’s role in the following five key areas:

  1. Inclusive and sustainable economic growth
  2. Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction
  3. Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change
  4. Cultural values, diversity and heritage
  5. Mutual understanding, peace and security