2021/ 2022 ESD Learning Programme Leadership Training Programme in Life Education Program Details and application form […]
2021/22 The 10th ESD Learning Program Program Booklet and Application Form 🌟🌟Calling for enrolment from Secondary […]
Introduction:Teachers who have finished the training programme can organize and develop school-based curriculum related to natural […]
2017/2018 ESD Learning Programme has been successfully rounded out! 0 STUDENTS FROM WINNING TEAM TO HPAIR […]
賽馬會香港聯合國教科文組織協會「世界公民教育」計劃(第一屆2018-2019) 《網上電子劇本集》 首頁 序言 中學組優勝劇本 聖保祿學校(中學部)左右 聖保祿學校(中學部)蒙羅麗沙的詭異微笑 聖瑪加利男女英文中小學 – 國家內部會議 大專組優勝劇本 香港中文大學伍宜孫書院 – 小紅帽 香港恒生大學 – […]
Celebration of International Day of Peace Photo Competition 2016-2017 Award List The Global Goal Award Grade […]
2016/2017 event details 2016 Application Form
Every year the UN International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September […]
Built Environment & Placemaking Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable Tourism Mental and Behavioral Health Leadership Programme in Life […]
Built Environment & Placemaking Environment Tourism & Hospitality Mental & Behavioural Health Leadership Programme in Life […]