2021/22 The 10th ESD Learning Program

🌟🌟Calling for enrolment from Secondary Schools in Hong Kong to Join UNESCO Hong Kong Association “The 10th ESD Learning Programme”

The 10th ESD Learning Programme organized by UNESCO Hong Kong Association will be officially launched on 27thNovember, 2021. The Programme aims to strengthen students’ understanding of sustainable development across multiple fields while meeting and supporting the needs of secondary school curriculum based on the concept of “Education for Sustainable Development”.  Since 2009, the Programme has recruited more than 2,200 students amongst80 schools and has built a sound reputation.  The programme is also supported by industries’ professionals and academic institutions from various sectors, allowing students to better understand the relationship between different areas of the local community and sustainable development. The 5-month programme will provide diversified activities, including themed lectures, all-rounded development workshops, field studies and research projects. The course of study covers multiple areas and aims to train students to think and understand the relationship between what they have learnt and the environment, economy, culture, society and sustainable development from multiple perspectives. After going through a series of learning activities, professionals will review their reports and set up awards for encouragement.

For enquiries, please contact us via email (esd@unesco.hk) or phone (2312 7696)


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