UNESCO HK was invited in July by Volmato to visit Heishan Village in the Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County, which is in Qingyuan, Guangdong, to study their recent introduction of ecotourism to the village.

Heishan Village is famous for its beautiful terrace farms. Photographers have long been attracted to capture some of the most stunning sceneries with their camera. With high-rise mountains as backdrop, the farms change colours according to the season and the view cannot be more contrast from other rapidly developing cities in China nowaday.

The two day trip was organised by Volmato. UNESCO HK, together with Natural Network and Utahloy International School, traveled to the beautiful, largely-undisrupted mountain region. The village has introduced symbiotic farming to grow rice. Walking along the terrace, we were explained to how the symbiotic farming works. Duckles were raised in the paddy field with the crops as a mean of providing fertiliser. Therefore, no extra fertiliser is needed. Apart from duckles, some fields are grown with fish. Villagers also grow organic tea. We were taught picking of tea leaves. The tea leaves that we picked were later prepared by a tea master. In his shop, we tasted different kinds of black tea and green tea, old and new tea.

Utahloy has already arraged overseas and mainland Chinese students to visit and experience Heishan. UNESCO HK will organise Hong Kong tourists and students to experience the farming life in Heishan.

UNESCO HK focus on promoting the UNESCO Ideals. One of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals is responsible consumption and production.


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