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  • To promote the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, UNDSED (2005-2014) Project and to strengthen students?understanding of economy and society development as well as National Twelfth Five-year Plan through exchange programmes like forums and workshops so as to nurture social responsibility and sustainable development awareness in young people to ensure long-term development;
  • To enhance students and teachers’ understanding in the country, history, geography, politics, culture and art, society and economy to cultivate national sentiments, to exchange experience and information for mutual advancement;
  • To upheld the direction of sustainable development in conjunction with new teaching trends through the communication platform of educators, teachers, students and parents;
  • To showcase students?interpersonal and cooperational skills, to reflect on basic values and attitude thereby enhancing their sense of social responsibility;
  • To strengthen students? understanding of local history and culture as well as cultural conservation via site visits to cultural heritage, conservation measures and scenic spots, thus enhancing their awareness of local politics, economy, daily life, cultural arts and the relation between tourism and sustainable development;
  • To provide participants with the knowledge of Twelfth Five-year Plan, and the opportunities and challenges the country faces in order to foster young peoples’ interest in the national development


  • Day 1: Morning: Depart for Tianjin
    Afternoon: Car tour Tianjin to learn about urban development
    Evening: Student preparation meeting and teacher judges work meeting
  • Day 2: Morning: Opening Ceremony
    Noon: Group student report
    Evening: Internal review of the student forum team and sharing among the team members
  • Day 3: Morning: Preparation for student evening and teacher workshop
    Noon: Event Closing Ceremony and Award Ceremony
    Evening: Student Cultural Performance Evening
  • Fourth day: all day
    Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Education Investigation: Tianjin Cultural Center
    Investigate Tianjin’s history, culture and planning: Nanshi Food Street, Ancient Culture Street, Beida River Cruise
  • Fifth day: all day
    Tour of Binhai New Area (Visit the characteristics of Tianjin enterprises and get to know the 12th Five-Year Plan)
    Tour of Five Avenues (Jingyuan, Porcelain House, etc.) Visit the Olympic Stadium “Water Drop”
    Evening: Farewell Dinner
  • Day 6: Depart from Tianjin and return to Hong Kong


  1. Part One: Training day for teachers and students
    • Day 1 Date: July 13 (Friday) afternoon
    • Day 2 Date: July 23 (Monday) afternoon
  2. Part Two: Exchange programme July 26- July 31
    • Student Forum on social responsibility and ESD
    • Teacher workshop on ESD
    • Two-day cultural experiential summer camp (HK delegation)
  3. Part Three: Sharing session
    • Date: August 22 (Wednesday) afternoon

Student Forum and Format

Tianjin and HK teachers form judging panel

Presentations are in Putonghua

Group presentation (15 minutes) and Q&A (5 minutes)

Students choose their own project learning areas for the Forum, such as:

  • Circular economy and social responsibility
  • ESD and social responsibility
  • (self-defined topics)

Teacher workshop

Teacher workshop is held in parallel with student forum. Teachers either serve as:

  1. Student forum judges OR
  2. attend Teacher workshop


Fees: HK$3,800 for participants with funding support from commissioner on Youth (#Eligibility for funding support from COY is shown below)

#Eligibility for funding support from Commissioner on Youth (COY):

  1. Students and teachers aged between 12-25
  2. Holding a permanent resident HK ID card
  3. Did not participate in any programme subs the COY Programme Funding Scheme 2011-2012 (between May15, 2011 to May 31, 2012)
  4. Participants need to pay full fee HK$5,980 if they do not belong to the above category

What are included:

  1. Student forum registration fee
  2. A two-day Tianjin cultural experiential summer camp
  3. National education and education for sustainable development lectures
  4. Teacher workshop and roundtable meeting
  5. Training activities and sharing session in HK

No. of places: 60 (Each school team has 8 participants including at least one teacher)


Every participant shall receive a certificate upon completion of the programme.

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