• Built Environment
  • Environment
  • Tourism & Hospitality

Programme objective:

To increase students' awareness about the relationship between our built environment on sustainable development, and its impact on the environment, community and culture.

Programme features:

  1. Talks and workshops on building revitalization and placemaking by professionals.
  2. Guided study visits include Wan Chai Heritage Walk, Urban Renewal Authority, Infrastructure and Planning Exhibition Gallery.
  3. Mentorship by architects, engineers and quantity surveyors.

Suggested project topics:

  • Revitalization of a city
  • Case study of an old heritage building in Hong Kong
  • Applying placemaking concepts to a real-life community in Hong Kong

Programme objective:

Students to gain an awareness of eco-protection and conservation, and organic farming and their relationship with sustainable development.

Programme features:

  1. Talks and interactive workshops supported by IVE Chai Wan.
  2. Guided study trips to Eco-park, Tsim Bei Tsui.
  3. Mentorship by trained seniors from the Applied Science discipline.

Suggested project topics:

  • How will eco-conservation impact the future
  • A proposal to address the energy crisis with algae technology
  • Chemical farming vs organic farming
  • The importance of biodiversity

Programme objective:

Students to be aware of the impact of tourism and hospitality industries on our culture, economy, environment and communities.

Programme features:

  1. Talks and workshops conducted by esteemed professionals and veterans in tourism and hospitality industry.
  2. Guided visits to international hotel chains such as Accor and Regal International.
  3. Career-related opportunities to network with professionals in the field.

Suggested project topics:

  • Appreciating Hong Kong's natural beauty in an eco-conscious way.
  • Highlighting the cultural and natural beauty of the New Territories.
  • A look into the rich heritage of Wan Chai
  • A study of the CSR and sustainability projects of major hotel chains
  • A guidebook for the eco-tourist

Summary of 2011/2012 UNDESD Hong Kong Award Scheme

26 teams of students from 12 secondary schools participated in the ESD Learning Programme in topics including Built Environment & Placemaking, Environment and Tourism & Hospitality. Students showcased their learning outcome and feeling using display boards and written projects. Students are to participate in a programme to work on the following group deliverables on a topic of their choice (relevant to the selected programme):

  1. Group report
  2. Board Display with Oral Presentation

The closing ceremony and award presentation was successfully held on 31 March, 2012 at PolyU HKCC (West Kowloon Campus). Mr. Young Chit On, Jeremy Political Assistant to Sectary for Education and Professor Rupert Maclean, UNESCO Chair in Technical and Vocational Education and Training officiated the ceremony.


  1. To enhance students’understanding of themselves, society, the physical environment and sustainable development.
  2. To give students an opportunity to engage in self-directed group learning in order to strengthen their personallearning skills, key competencies and leadership potential.
  3. To partially satisfy the Other Learning Experience (OLE) requirements underthe NSS curriculum.
  4. To nurture students into critical thinkers with life-long learning skills.

Programme Information

  • Programme Duration: October 2011 to March 2012
  • Total Learning Hours: Minimum 60 hours
  • Students to participate in groups – 8 persons per group.

Participated Schools:

  • Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Secondary School
  • Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School
  • Cognitio College (Kowloon)
  • Pak Kau College
  • Po Leung Kuk Yao Ling Sun College
  • QES Old Students Association Secondary School
  • Shatin Methodist College
  • SMKMCF Ma Ko Pan Memorial College
  • St Clare’s Girls School
  • St Paul’s Secondary School
  • Stewards Pooi Toon Secondary School
  • The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

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