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Hong Kong International Travel Expo

As one of the exhibitors in this year's international travel expo, UNESCO HK Association would adhere to its mission and goal to promote sustainable tourism in the event. The organization will introduce geo-tourism and cultural tourism in furtherance of peace and sustainable development in Hong Kong and around the world under the theme “Colourful Journeys to the World”. We will showcase exciting opportunities including world heritage tours, cultural exchange tours, international voluntary service tours and local charity excursions for the young and the mature to see, taste, feel and serve the world. All these projects are in collaboration with our following partners:

    - China Ethnic & Folk Culture and Arts Exchange Association (HK) Ltd.

    - China New Horizons (CNH)

    - Dream Walker

    - Su Yi Chuan Calligraphy Association of Hong Kong

    - UA Cinema Circuit Ltd.

    - Volmato   

    - VolTra


Please visit us at the exhibition hall to obtain more details.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the travel expo!


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