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UN70 Peace and Sustainable Development Youth Programme International Youth Festival



9 April 2016 (Saturday), 11am-6pm

Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin

FREE Admission

FREE Shuttle Bus from 9am-7pm

(To and from Kowloon Tong, Sha Tin, University Station and Hong Kong Science Park)


This government-sponsored community programme serves as a platform for local and overseas youths to deepen the understanding of UNESCO’s core mission, global peace and sustainable development while celebrating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations. There will be a number of schools and organizations displaying the culture of peace through various arrangements.

Country Booths

  • Booths designed by local and international schools students exhibit topics including: global issues, international perspectives, global citizenship, national issues, multiculturalism and many others elements. Design panels and interactive game booths help demonstrate the results of the global peace project. Before the event, the school will receive funding from the Consulate General of the National Chamber of Commerce or from state representatives to ensure educational support for students.

Discovery Workshops

  • A series of interactive workshops hoping to deepen the participants' understanding of the United Nations and UNESCO, and to experience the importance of global peace and sustainable development. Topics to emphasize the importance civic duty include: globalization, global citizenship education, sustainable development, peace & technology, peace & cultural diversity, climate change, ecological civilization, fair trade, civic responsibility, war & peace, equality issues and cultural preservation.

Cultural Performances

  • Amateur and professional arts groups from different backgrounds interpret the concept of global peace and sustainable development through a series of representative projects including: singing, dancing, drama, plays and other performances.

Cultural Seminars

  • Rotary 3450 and Hong Kong Junior Chamber International Federation (JCI Hong Kong) will each hold seminars to provide training on mediation techniques and to promote civic education respectively.

UN70 Exhibition

  • Topics exhibiting United Nations history include: United Nations International Day, global citizenship education, ecological civilization, multiculturalism and ethnic differences to deepen understanding of United Nations and international issues, and to broaden the perspectives of youths.

Parsons “Love Sharing of Brass Sound”

  • Aligning with UNESCO's mission, Parsons Music Academy continues its passion to promoting music arts culture. We are pleased to invite Mr. John Wood, a sophisticated brass artist, to join a meaningful brass music sharing. The workshop allows absolute beginners to interact with the artist directly, establish a basic foundation of brass playing skills, and to nurture their music talents. On top of that, participants have the chance to communicate with people from a variety of backgrounds while sharing the music together with joy and love.

Parsons “Love and Peace Music Marathon"

  • To advocate the idea of peace, Parsons Music Academy hosts “Love Peace Music Marathon”, showcasing various performances for the continuing support on “Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration”, which include choir, classical and pop music, music family, Dance, pBone and pTrumpet interactive workshop and so forth, hoping to promote social and cultural peace through sharing the joy of music.

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